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Feb 18, 2009

Today is a Special Day

Today is Wednesday. It’s just another ordinary day if I make it so, but I just felt a buzz this morning that made it feel like it is a special day; even though it just started. The buzz I felt is not the kind you get by drinking a few good cocktails; it’s more like feeling the way you do, when your favorite football team wins the superbowl... or when you watch a Hollywood happy ending.

It’s strange though, because I got that feeling just by taking off my coat. Yes… taking off my coat. It felt blissful that I was able to unbutton my coat with three quick flicks of my thumb and index finger. It was such a smooth feeling as the silk lining graciously slid down the length of my shoulders and arms. And, it was quite soothing to see my coat cascade gently onto my chair in one, fluid motion.

I don’t even know why I’m writing about an instance so miniscule and insignificant, but it all seems just right. In fact, everything seems to be turning out right because I suddenly feel this way. My deadlines for today have been met, a few good friends called me from out of the blue, I received answers to some pending questions, etc.

That’s when it hit me that I should treat every day special… every feeling special… every moment, precious. It’s just difficult to see and appreciate every little thing in the world when I am constantly engulfed by goal-setting, deadlines, media, economic crises, and my own self-imposed pressure.

Sometimes we all misinterpret the little things as annoyances, when they really are blessings in disguise.

Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

  • My daughter clinging to me this morning, making me late for work – I’m grateful to spend ten extra minutes taking in all her unconditional love.
  • My bus being packed with commuters – I’m grateful to be part of a community and be able to exchange smiles and common courtesies with strangers.
  • Taking off my coat at the office – I’m grateful that I can feel, that I am energized, that I still have my youth, and that I am alive. I watched a program about people with disabilities the other day, and was amazed at the perseverance of each who overcame their disabilities.
  • My cafeteria not serving hash browns today – I’m grateful that I didn’t have anything to tempt me. I am working on lowering my cholesterol after all.

The day is not over yet… but those are just a few things I’m thankful for already. I’ll be sure to strive to start each day, the way I feel today.

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