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May 9, 2009

Job tip #1: Play by the rules!

Well, I've decided to rehash all of the tips and tricks of the trade that I've learned during my time in both a client-facing role, as well as a corporate role. I will share these little tidbits through my daily job tips. Feel free to review them, think about them, and apply them to your own careers and hopefully they will provide you with pointers and support, in an ever-changing job market.

Job Tip #1: Play by the rules (when you're new or when you get a new boss)
Every workplace has its rules. These rules may be clearly written in an employee guidebook, taught during orientation, or communicated by those already “in the know”.

It is easy to take the employee code of conduct and toss it in the recycle bin, fool around during orientation or sexual harassment class, and sign and disregard the employee technology policy without a second look. Just know that doing so, may involuntarily end your time with your company sooner than you think.

What many new employees fail to realize is that almost all companies/organizations have a little, hidden but known clause that details a new employee's probationary period. During the probationary period, usually the initial three months of employment, an employee can resign without notice and can be released from employment without notice, the opportunity for corrective action, or severance pay. While this is critical to new employees, the same can be said for employees who have already passed the probationary period; especially when you get a new boss! I've seen so many colleagues get *dinged* for multiple violations, most especially in this volatile job market, so make sure that you know the rules!

The important thing is to learn the obvious rules, play by them, and avoid crossing the line; then learn the unwritten rules and do the same thing.

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