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May 12, 2009

Rants and Raves: Vending Machines are Evil!

I'm convinced that vending machines are evil; you wouldn't really know it until a vending machine starts to whisper to you in the desperate hours after lunch and just before dinner. Sometimes they even have the nerve to beckon to you when you have an early morning meeting and skip breakfast... unbelievable! These things have no shame. Just look at all the multi-colored artery clogging goodies poised to kill...

Positioned in the top rungs are the carb-loaded, high sodium, crunch soldiers, that say, "It's okay... you're all that, so why not have a bag of chips?" Below eye-level, the sugar-mongers taunt you with promises of an energy boost for just a little under a buck. However, notice that the healthiest alternatives (nuts, trail mix, etc.) are shoved in the bottom nooks of the machine -- poor little things, gathering dust.

Unfortunately, one of these bad boys are a little more than ten feet from my office. So, everyday I have to avoid its evil tractor beam. Just a small indication that evil never dies....

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