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Jul 4, 2008

Deep Thoughts: Daydreams in the office...

So, today was a very slow day at the office, despite the fact that the powers that be released everyone earlier than usual due to the holiday weekend.
While trying hard to remain focused on my lengthy to-do list and managing my calendar for the next week, I could not help but mentally drift away into the realm of daydreams.

As I continuously typed various characters on my keyboard, I reflected on my career, my life, and my aspirations. I almost felt trapped in my fishbowl of an office, wondering if there was an alternate life for me beyond the concrete jungle.
Do any of you ever ever have this type of reflective moment?

I've heard and read many stories of people... successful, corporate people, such as myself and my wife, who decided one day to give it all up and open up shop in some tropical locale... and become permanent vacationers.
I've spoken to several people during my trips to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Greek isles, who fell in love with their surroundings when they were visiting and ventured to make those surroundings a permanent fixture in their own lives. Was something like this even possible for someone like me or you? Well, if you already are a permanent vacationer, you would say, "sure... anything is possible," because you've already taken and survived the risks. If you're an office hamster like me who is tied down by a great paying job, house, child(ren), you would think of a hundred and one things that prevent you from giving it all up.

In an ideal situation, I could take refuge in some 'fantastical' island utopia... drag my family with me... and attempt to make a living by creative means.
*Pop* my thoughts were now just suddenly interrupted by my co-worker wishing me a good weekend.

I'll have to continue these thoughts another time... perhaps with a more rational perspective, or perhaps not. If anyone out there has any good suggestions... let me know...

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