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Jul 12, 2008

Deep Thoughts: Dreams in Lancaster

So, my wife and I decided to get away for the weekend. Seeing as how the shore will be overwhelmingly crowded, and that last minute planning would not allow for a quick trip to tropical destination, we settled on the serene setting of Lancaster, PA. After a day of touring the countryside, the Amish farms, and local eateries, my creative juices started flowing once again. Here is a poem I composed on a whim to summarize our day:

Oh the endless trees and grass, the peaceful swaying of the fields,
I am grateful for the peacefulness your softness yields.
Escape from rush of metropolis, I seek peace of mind...
In Lancaster's fields and skies, a refuge I did find.
A land seemingly disconnected;
where alienation is perfected
Horse drawn buggies, remind me of life so humble,
that feelings of city pressure seem in time to crumble.
Not my best work... but the words adequately describe my thoughts for the trip.

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