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Jul 31, 2008

Leadership Tips: Translate Ideas into Action!

Leadership is ultimately about producing results. Leaders may have the talent and character, but unless they produce sustained, high quality results for the team and organization, they are simply not effective leaders.

The best leaders translate ideas into action. They create the environment to move to the next step by bringing their energy, passion and sense of urgency to what needs to be done. They are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Great leaders:
  1. Continually stretch their team members by creating exciting, client and business focused performance goals and corresponding individual and team development plans.
  2. Take personal responsibility for results
  3. Provide continuous feedback and coaching to their teamSet ambitious goals for their organization
  4. Personally sponsor initiative and action
  5. Initiate new programs, projects, processes, client relationships, and technology
  6. Focus on organizational goals and ensure they are translated into meaningful action by their teams
  7. Operate with speed and intensity
  8. Champion the cause of the customer
  9. Balance short and long term business objectives

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